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Namu products are plant-based, do not contain refined sugar, refined oils, animal products (we use honey in some products), wheat (gluten), table salt (we use only Himalayan or sea salt). Most of our products are raw, meaning they are made below 46 degrees Celsius ensuring all the nutrients are kept.

At least 24 hours in advance.

Sure, you can make a cancelation 48 hours before your order is scheduled.

Sure, you can come to us to pick up your order.

Sure, delivery is free when you make order an 50 GEL or above, if it is below 50 GEL, delivery fee 5 GEL is added.

Generally courier comes late afternoon (16.00-19.00). Detox programme pack and Diet is delivered the day before it is scheduled, so you do not have to wait for the courier in the morning.

Yes, let us know the changes.

Yes, we can send Namu products in regions, the fee is 15 GEL. Please note, we can ship only certain products, talk to. us for details.

Yes, let us know your allergies, restrictions and we will try to work out with the substitute.

Yes, we can decorate cakes for special occasions.