5 Morning Rituals for Wellbeing


by Ana Tikaradze

August 1, 2019
For most of us mornings are quite stressful period of the day – waking up early, getting ready (taking care of ourselves and often of others) and rushing to work. However, mornings defines how the day flows. I remember from my childhood the phrase “getting up on the left foot”, which meant the wrong start of the day that would cause the negative mood for the whole day.

I will share my 5 morning rituals that helps me to boost physical and mental wellbeing:

  1. Waking up early. What does EARLY mean? Like everything this is also individual. The main idea is to wake up at least one hour before it is necessary. As a rule, my family wakes up around 8 o’clock, I get up about two hours beforehand. This time gives me the opportunity to do my morning rituals and to start the day slowly, without stress. 
  2. Exercise. I need 10-15 minutes to do 5 Tibetan rites, also known as the “Fountain of Youth”. These movements wake up all the main muscles. Each exercise has 21 repetitions. Initially, I started with 3 reps and gradually increased the amount in order to get used to it. I believe, these exercises clean up any energy blockage in the body. Proper flow of the energy is vital both for health and happiness. If you are interested in this exercises, you can visit my instagram ‘namuraw’ and check the highlight ‘Tibetan Morning’. 
  3. Meditation. If the weather allows, I exercise and meditate in the open air. Seating 10 minutes cross-legged and breathing mindfully – that’s all I do. Meditation does miracles – improves brain function, promotes metabolism and weight control, makes you calm and happier. It is well said, if you do not have 10 minutes to meditate, than you have to do 20 minutes🙂
  4. Water. In the morning before everyone is awake and we have breakfast, I drink few glass of infused water. My favourite ingredients to add to water are lemon balm (melissa) or mint leaves with strawberries (I keep frozen strawberries all year around). Another great combination is ginger, lemon and apple. I leave a jar of water with fruits and leaves overnight and in the morning my tasty infused water is ready.
  5. Planning the day. I review my ‘to do’ list. If there are many things to do, I priorities and move to the next days anything that is not urgent. As I know exactly what I am doing during the day, even in case of a busy schedule, I can go stress-free (in most cases).

If you still do not have your morning rituals, try waking up an hour before the usual time and dedicate this time to the activities that will make you happier.


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