Self-transcendence – waking up your best self

თვით-ტრანსცენდენტულობა (Self-transcendence) – საკუთარი თავის მიღმა

Self-transcendence is a way of living where people rise above themselves, leave their egos behind and start serving each other and that is when they become the best possible version of themselves.

I am a parent of two girls. The age difference between them is quite big – the elder will be 20 soon and the little one – just turned five. I can see the difference in my parenting style with them. With the first daughter, I was pushing her to be the best, the winner, the number one. I was telling her that she is the most beautiful and the smartest. And the result… Few weeks ago she called me (she lives in Spain for her bachelor studies) with a frustrated voice saying, ‘mom, I am realising that I am just average’. She was always getting top marks at school here, in Georgia and at ESADE where only very talented students are accepted, she found that other people can be as smart as she is and even ahead of her. The only thing I can do now is to help her shift her mind and make her understand that it is ok to be average, that it is something else that matters in life. With the little one I have already started planting the seed of loving others, that life is not a race, we don’t have to prove that we are the best neither to others, nor to ourselves. As I have read somewhere, “I am not what I think I am, I am not what you think I am, I am what I think you think I am”. It is so unworthy and sad to spent the whole life in perception of a perception.

The only real currency of happiness is going beyond ourselves, serving others and having a positive impact on them. It is a misconception that we are an isolated entity closed in skin. The opposite is true – the energy flows from one body to another, vibes can reach us without a physical touch, we are all connected.

With the feeling of oneness


This week’s snack – strawberries and homemade, plant-based chocolate butter from Namu. Chocolate Butter.