Gifting can be fun and easy. Have you already chosen gifts for this holiday season? If still thinking, please remember to support small and local businesses. Be mindful that your gift is ethical, produces no trash and is cruelty free. Think about wrapping – maybe you just skip this step? Hold the gift behind your back and hand it over with love and smile. Or if you still want to go for wrapping, use furoshiki – Japanese wrapping method where you wrap the gift in used piece of cloth.

Below are my gift suggestions:

  • 1. Edible gift are all we need this year, they are the perfect way to express your care for a person. If you know what are the favourite treats that your loved one craves for, get a box filled of those ones. For healthy, delicious sweets and treats visit Namu web-shop.If you are not 100% sure about gift receivers taste – whether they prefer peanut brittle or hazelnut Ferrero or maybe Keto bounty as they are on a Keto diet… Send them a Namu Gift Card You can be sure receivers will be well nourished and enjoy every bite and moment without any guilt.
  • 2. Handmade skin-care gifts are also a great choice. Choose from variety of products handcrafted with love by Luna – anti-stress balm, creams, lotions, soaps and more.
  • 3. Tarot session can be a very original gift. It is known that experiences are very powerful gifts. Let your gift receivers dive into themselves, reflect and go inward. Trust me, they will never forget your gift. Purchase an individual tarot session with Tales By Luna. 

Which option would spark joy in gift receivers – 1, 2 or 3?

Thanks for your support and enjoy the gift giving experience.

Love and Gratitude