My Love to Kombucha

კომბუჩასადმი ჩემი სიყვარული

Since 2016 I am brewing kombucha at home beliving it improves my and my family lives. Every batch is made with love. I even put the stickers of positive words on every batch - such as ‘Love’, ‘Health’, ‘Gratitude’, ‘Well-being’, ‘Abundance’, ‘Harmony’...

As I thrive to spread the healthy lifestyle, I started conducting Kombucha master classes and sharing starter kits. Soon I embarked on producing kombuicha on a larger scale. I am very proud that Namu Kombucha is fermented to perfection as it undergoes full fermentation process, it is unfiltered, unpasterised to ensure maximum purity and benefits. Our raw Kombucha supports the gut, aids digestion and boosts immunine system. Each bottle contains living probiotics, active enzymes, acids, aminos and so much more.

With all my love and care to Namu Kombucha, I am happy to be able to share this life elexir with you.

With love and passion

Ana Tikaradze