Namu is always a good idea!

Welcome to namu

Namu is the first raw, vegan, plant-based cuisine in Georgia. We opened in 2016. Our mission is to promote healthy eating. Our food is mainly raw, prepared from organic ingredients and is free from meat, dairy, gluten, sugar and table salt.

  • Snickers

    4.00 GEL
  • Baunty

    4.00 GEL
  • Twix

    4.00 GEL
  • Ferrero

    4.00 GEL
Other Products
  • Keto Bread

    12.50 GEL
  • Kimchi

    10.00 GEL
  • Detox Bowl

    15.50 GEL
  • Thai Bowl

    17.00 GEL
  • Nori Rolls

    13.50 GEL
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